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For Health and Social Care Bulk assessments and reviews:
  • Are poor quality assessments leading to higher than expected costs?
  • Is staff absence affecting service delivery / causing delays?
  • Do you have a backlog of outstanding assessments/reviews?
  • Is assessment backlog causing budget pressures?
  • Are timescales on your project plans starting to drift?
  • Is productivity and throughput performance slow?
  • Are partnerships under strain because of pressures and challenges?
  • Are you struggling to recruit and retain staff?


Personalised Social Care Solutions (PSCS) offers an independent holistic assessment and reviewing service for commissioning authorities. 


Our service complements and extends the range of expertise available to commissioners and social care practitioners and it provides excellent value for money.


We deliver skilled assessments and support planning recommendations to ensure that appropriate levels of care are being provided to service users, whether they reside in the community, residential or nursing care homes.


Scope of our Assessment services:


We can deliver...


  • Adult Social Care core Assessments, Draft Care & Support Plans and Reviews

  • Carers Assessments 

  • Mental Capacity Assessments

  • Continuing Health Care Assessments

  • Lasting Power of Attorney Applications & Advance decisions

  • Core Assessments to Self Funders

  • Additional Specialist Assessments

  • Independent Living Advice on health, safety, telecare and equipment to make life easier.

We commission & subcontract social care professionals to complete skilled assessments and reviews and provide our LA / Health service customers with 'right-sized' and timely support planning recommendations.


We work with a social work recruitment agency and subcontractor social care workers can rigorously apply Care Act compliant eligibility criteria, promoting wellbeing, building on the vulnerable persons' strengths and support networks and promoting the use of universal services where appropriate to do so.


Where public funding is required to meet needs, they can ensure that best value principles are applied to support plans, whether the person resides in the community or in a care home setting.


PSCS can also support people to set up Lasting Powers of Attorney - including application, witness, signatory and registration processes to reduce the need for Best Interest meetings.

Adult Social Care Assessment and Reviewing Service: