Solutions provided by PSCS:

1. The problem of short staffing - Our Subcontracting social care workers are externally sourced and therefore provide additional 'offline' capacity in addition to those professional staff usually available to the customer.


2. Sickness absence and costs - Our Subcontracting Social Care workers are reliable and work freelance so are only paid when work is completed and delivered. There are no absence costs to you as the customer.


3. Poor productivity - Our Subcontracting social care workers have a financial incentive to improve their productivity through payment by results. They work independently, minimising office-based distractions and can work outside of usual business hours.


4. Poor quality - Our Subcontracting social care workers are experienced practitioners and are provided with bespoke training workshops focussing solely on the assessment and support planning functions and outcomes required by the customer. They understand the need to satisfy your quality assurance process before the assessment work is accepted. 


5. Drifting/sliding timescales - Our Subcontracting social care workers work to timescales agreed in advance and there are financial penalties for late work. Our company reputation depends on the efficient delivery of our contract.

6. Political fallout - Our Subcontracting social care workers can take the pressure off overstretched Local Authority resources, freeing up internal staffing capacity to concentrate on other core functions and priority work. The additional capacity we commission improves throughput and reduces customer/councillor complaints.


7. Partnerships under strain - Interdependent or integrated services between health and social care agencies share budgets and targets and if one partner is struggling to deliver, this may incur costs for both and put working relationships under strain due to poor delivery of agreed outputs. Our Subcontracting social care workers can assist with clearing backlogs of work awaiting allocation, free your staff to assimilate into their new roles and prepare for the transformation of service delivery models.