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Welcome to PSCS Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) Service


If you are concerned about being able to manage property, finances, health or care & welfare matters for yourself or someone you care for then you have come to the right place.


  • We will help you to sort matters simply & cheaply so family members or other people YOU trust can make decisions for you at a fraction of the cost that many solicitors charge.

  • As social workers, we have the advantage that we can also give you expert social care advice at no extra charge.

Give us a call, without obligation, on 01752 406353 or 0759 456 00 11 to discuss your situation or fill out the contact form below.


If you haven't yet arranged for your loved ones to be Attorneys for you (put LPA's in place), then Social Workers, Doctors and Banks might make 'Best Interest' decisions for you about your care, accomodation, finances and property that you or those that care for you, may not agree with.  It is therefore vital that LPA's are put in place whilst the donor still has mental capacity to absorb, retain , weigh up and communicate their choices.


We complete the application, witness, signatory and registration processes.  This LPA document enables you to nominate people to make decisions on your behalf if you can not due to ill health or memory difficulties and all this is done with a home visit arranged at your convenience.

  • Without an LPA in place, others may find it very difficult managing your financial and property affairs, or making decisions about your health and care, should you ever become mentally incapacitated. Those who you need to act on your behalf may then encounter ‘red tape’ and have to pay considerably more for 'Deputyship'

  • An LPA is so much cheaper, and less hassle if you put it in place in advance so you can nominate people who know you best to be your decision-maker(s) in such an event.

  • We also assist you to make an Advance Directive (Living Will) about what sort of life-sustaining medical treatments you would want to continue or refuse, should you lose capacity in the future and have a serious illness.


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